Garage Door Opener/Closer

GDO moving

Finally, a garage door opener and closer that:

  1. can be controlled over the internet with a browser,
  2. works with a smart phone application,
  3. is compatible with Amazon Alexa,
  4. works with voice commands by "Ok Google" on a smart phone,
  5. senses the garage door open/close using wireless technology on the door,
  6. no battery necessary on the garage door open/close sensor,
  7. has with a remote device letting you know when the door is opened,
  8. notifies you through email when the door has been opened for more the 10 minutes,
  9. notifies you through a text message (sms) when the door has been opened for more than 10 minutes.

This project uses parts that you can buy from the internet or from your local electronic parts store.

Here is a YouTube video of the system ...