We're calling it a spirograph, but it is really different. We're also calling it pendulum art, but it is really different. It's a way to create unique spiraling art created by Mother Nature by the laws of Newton. Read on.

by Howard Honig
Designed by Howard Honig and Tom Posin

This project shows a whole new way to create spiralling art. We examined all the pendulum art videos on YouTube and felt there is yet another way. The art produced by the pendulum inks and paints are beautiful and creative, but one needs a large area dedicated to and accepting the splattering of paint everywhere. Welcome to the Spirograph. Our technique uses a pendulum like structure hanging from the ceiling, a laser, and a camera. A new and unique picture gets drawn in 1 to 2 minutes and the results are immediate. The image can be printed, copied, and distributed without waiting for the paint to dry. The best off all worlds.

Basic setup of the Spirograph

Basic setup of the Spirograph #2
Example artwork produced by the spirograph
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Produced by the spirograph 1

Produced by the spirograph 1

Produced by the spirograph 2

How it is done. Enjoy a short video.
These parts were created to support the spiriograph 1 build and printed on a 3D printer.

Originally the pivots didn't have the linear bearings, the round bearing on the right. The friction between the PLA plastic and the steel bolt axle slowed the movement too quickly. After the fittings were modified to support the bearings, they were press fitted. This proved just what it needed.
The support bracket for the platform. The ribs are to provide strength and make the pole more rigid as the platform moves. The bracket is held on by 4 screws.
The laser is pointed at the center of the platform. To grip and point the laser a holder was designed to fit on the platform. The laser holder was made in three parts, the tube, and the smaller pivot tube. The holder slips onto the lip of the platform, the laser slides inside the tube, and the pivot tube slips in the holder and the tube.